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Mirtazapine monotherapy for antipsychotics-refractory psychosis in a patient with very-late-onset schizophrenia-like psychosis: a case report
Kanji Ueno 1, Makoto Ishitobi 2,*, Hirotaka Kosaka 1, Kei Ichijo3, Yukihiro Nagase3
1Department of Neuropsychiatry, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Fukui, 2Jinkei Hospital, 3Tokyo Aiseikai Takatsuki Hospital
Very-late-onset schizophrenia-like psychosis (VLOSLP) is a condition in which psychotic symptoms emerge after the age of 60 years. Given its heterogeneous nature, VLOSLP remains a diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma. Here, we report a case of a 68-year-old patient with psychosis refractory to antipsychotics who was successfully treated with mirtazapine monotherapy. This case suggests that mirtazapine monotherapy may be effective for the treatment of patients with antipsychotic-refractory VLOSLP.
Accepted Manuscript [Submitted on 2023-06-12, Accepted on 2023-09-04]