Clinical Psychopharmacology and Neuroscience Papers in Press available online.

Psychobiotic therapy: method to reinforce the immune system
Karina Teixeira Magalhães-Guedes 1,*
Federal University of Bahia
Psychobiotics are probiotic microorganisms that beneficially affect the central nervous system functions mediated by the gut-brain axis, improving the host's immune system. Psychobiotic microorganisms can regulate brain pathways and serotonin production (mood controller). The main microbial genera with psychobiotic characteristics are Lactobacillus, Lactococcus and Bifidobacterium. The daily consumption of psychobiotics is called "Psychobiotic Therapy". Psychobiotic therapy has proven antidepressant/anxiolytic properties. Psychobiotic therapy can be used to boost the host's immune balance against pathogens, for example: virus, bacteria and fungus. Thus, psychobiotic therapy can be a promising strategy to improve and/or maintain the quality of life of people who are healthy or who suffer from anxiety/stress disorders, intestinal dysbiosis and even immunosuppressed people. This is such a hot theme it can surely only be a matter of time for psychobiotic therapy offers an "alternative treatment", but scientific, for people diagnosed with a variety of mental/immunological disorders. Instead of targeting the mind (brain), we could go for the gut. “This new way of looking at mental health linked to gut health is literally looking at health upside down".
Accepted Manuscript [Submitted on 2021-02-24, Accepted on 2021-07-21]