Vortioxetine Induced Hypomania; A Case Presentation and Review of the Literature
Ece Buyuksandalyaci Tunc *, Serhat Tunc
1Kars Harakani State Hospital, 2Kafkas University Faculty of Medicine
Received: March 14, 2021; Revised: May 14, 2021; Accepted: June 3, 2021; Published online: June 3, 2021.
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Antidepressant-induced hypomania/ mania is a complex issue that can be seen in mood disorders but is not clarified. There are case reports in the literature regarding vortioxetine-induced mania and hypomania; however, there is insufficient data. Here, we aim to present a case of vortioxetine-induced hypomania in a major depressive disorder patient who previously used various antidepressants but did not experience hypomania or mania. Our case is expected to contribute to the literature.
Keywords: vortioxetine, hypomania, adverse drug event, manic episode