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Fig. 2. Influence of NI on the susceptibility to LH in adulthood. (A) A bar graph of ‘failures’ in the LH test of Sham rats (opened bar, n = 67) and NI rats (closed bar, n = 56). The non-LH rats had fewer than four failures and the LH rats had more than 11 failures. The responses to the LH test differed significantly between the Sham and NI groups. The prevalence of LH was higher in the NI group than in the Sham group. p < 0.001; Kolmogorov–Smirnov two-sample test. (B) The number of failures in the LH test in Sham and NI groups are shown as mean ± SEM. The number of failures were significantly higher in the NI group. **p < 0.01; independent ttest.
NI, neonatal isolation; LH, learned helplessness.
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