Psychoses of Epilepsy in Pregnancy: a case report
Mario Fahed 1*, Seethalakshmi Ramanathan 2
1University of Connecticut, 2Hutchings Psychiatric Center, Office of Mental Health
Received: March 15, 2020; Accepted: March 30, 2020; Published online: March 30, 2020.
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Objectives: To discuss the unique relationship between psychosis and seizures in a young individual, who is also pregnant.
Method: Case report.
Conclusions: Psychosis of epilepsy (POE) can present in multitude of ways, including pre-ictal, ictal, post-ictal, chronic interictal and forced normalization psychosis.
Keywords: psychosis of epilepsy, pregnancy, pre-ictal, post-ictal, ictal, chronic interictal, forced normalization psychosis