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Fig. 3. Estimated survival functions of baclofen treatment effects, Δβ=β (T1)−β (T0), predicting time to first alcohol relapse shown at mean Δβ value with 1 and 2 standard deviation (SD) above/below the mean. Greater activation in the (A) anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and greater deactivation in the (B) insular cortex (IC) was significantly (p< 0.05) associated with longer time to relapse. Bar plots depict the Δβ values for relapsers (Rel) and abstainers (Abs) at the end of 90 days post discharge. (C) Accuracy of relapse prediction as computed by the receiver operating characteristic analysis curves. The area under the curve (AUC) indexed the accuracy at which treatment related effects at ACC (AUC=0.82, p=0.03) and IC (AUC=0.79, p=0.04) regions predicted relapse.
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